2 yr old QH Stallion after 2 months training

12yr old TB Gelding: History of rearing, bolting & spooking violently on trail

10yr old Mare: Rescued from Abuse. Excessive fear, history of kicking, striking, bucking, & extreme aggression

Training at Rancho Bravo

     We offer a variety of top quality training programs to fit just about any horse, starting from the ground up. We rely heavily on natural horsemanship principles and work toward creating a quality relationship between horse and human with excellent communication and cooperation.

     Please see specifics on each program, including approximate length, below and check our Training FAQ for answers to general questions.

Colt Starting Program: 6 - 12 Months

     For owners who wish to give their horses the best start under saddle, our all-inclusive colt starting program is top of the line. All horses receive a solid foundation of important groundwork before being introduced to the saddle. They continue to improve their groundwork skills at an intermediate and advanced level while completing their foundational work under saddle. Most horses acheive an advanced level of groundwork skills and a solid under-saddle foundation up through flying lead changes.

     We expose the horses to many different situations including many miles of riding through city streets, out on the trail, and up in the local hills. They are taken through lots of obstacles and are exposed to cars, dogs, wild animals, and more. By the time they leave our training program, they are calm, sane horses that are responsive and light, and they are ready to go in absolutely any direction professionally or begin their careers as recreational horses!

Intensive Trail Horse Training: 3 - 6 Months

     Our intensive trail horse training program will turn any horse into a safe and reliable mount. Training is customized and tailored to each individual horse's needs and will include whatever your horse needs to become a responsive, sane, trustworthy trail horse. Your horse will be ridden throughout the trails of the Santa Ana River bed, on residential and major streets, and up into the hills that are local to us. This gives the horse a wide range of experiences with different terrain, surroundings, and stimuli, and teaches him many important lessons. Any dangerous behavioral issues will be resolved along the way. We will turn your horse into a fantastic, responsive, sane trail horse that you can take ANYWHERE and trust with your life!

Behavior Modification Program: 1 - 6 Months

      This training program is very much customized for each individual horse and the goal is to help any horse that needs behavioral adjustment. We handle any and all behavioral issues, mild or severe, ranging from things as simple as tying & trailer loading to more complex and dangerous issues, such as aggression and bucking.

     We do not offer "quick fix" training or employ a myriad of gadgets, instead we go to the root of the issue, think like the horse, and lay a new foundation that lasts. Through the use of natural horsemanship methods and careful training, we believe we can improve any horse. In fact, we are so confident, we'll even guarantee results or give you your money back!

Give Us a Call: 951-977-3530

     The sooner your horse gets into training, the sooner he will become the horse you have always dreamed of! If you don't see what you're looking for here, give us a call and let us know what you need. We will design a custom training program for you and your horse!

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