Rancho Bravo is located at:
46025 Stanley Rd in Sage, CA
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Guided Trail Rides at Rancho Bravo

     Come enjoy acres of open land on horseback! All levels welcome, from beginner to advanced. We have two different ride lengths available that will take you on a tour through the open land of Sage, up and down rolling hills with beautiful, scenic views, and sometimes across the seasonal streams to explore winding trails and see beautiful wildlife! Our sweet horses are all well loved, well cared for, and well trained! Come fall in love!

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Two Different Rides Available!

1 Hour Ride: $50 per person
     The 1 hour ride is perfect for young children and people who have never ridden before. We'll take you over mild terrain at a leisurly pace, take your picture riding, and give you a taste of what horseback riding is all about in a way that anybody can handle!

2 Hour Ride: $100 per person
     This ride is great for adults of any experience level and children who have ridden at least once or twice. Enjoy breathtaking views of the open country as you ride up and down mild slopes and along twisty curves! Try to catch glimpses of colorful Granite Spiny Lizards on the huge granite boulders, Redtail Hawks, and other small wildlife on this fantastic ride. For a truly spectacular experience, schedule an evening ride and witness an amazing sunset from the hilltop!

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